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Technical Information (MGA 10)


Last Updated 07/18/01


Parts also included in the kit (not shown) are as follows:

4 - Nylatron spring seating pads.
2 - 1/2" spacer blocks.
2 - Adapter "O" rings
8 - 3/8" nylok "U" bolt nuts.

NOTE: As well as the information we have presented below, additional information can be found by reviewing technical article MGA8

With the rapid response of the composite springs to road conditions, the fitting of gas charged telescopic shock absorbers should be considered.

The old OEM type lever shock absorbers just wont cut it with this type of monoleaf spring.

If you are happy with your archaic OEM steel springs & OEM shock absorbers then "God Bless You". Please, if you want to start driving a sports car, like a sports car should be driven, you should really be updating to modern day products, otherwise, take out plenty of life insurance for the Wife & Kids.

British Automotive's specially valved KYB (non-adjustable) shock absorbers are specifically design for the MGA & MGB models. These can be a complement to the composite springs or simply installed with your OEM springs.

Due to the varying degree of ride heights, precautions must be taken to ensure that the shock absorber, when fitted to the vehicle, will work within the working dimensions given below.

The ideal mounting position for installing telescopic shock absorbers is vertical. Unfortunately, without major modification to the body. The installed angle varies with rear suspension ride heights and is consistently changing throughout suspension travel. Bump increases the working angle and rebound reduces the working angle. On the MGA this installed angle can be as much as 20-25 degrees. Please remember, shock absorbers become less effective as their angle increases.


Compressed Length 10"
Extended Length 15.7/8"
Working Length 5.7/8"
Installed Height (Ideal) 12.15/16"
Bump Stop Travel 2.15/16"
Rebound Travel 2.15/16"


Be aware that the VBPBA1 shock absorbers contain no internal bump stop. Therefore, correct installation is critical to the life of the shock absorbers.

Shock absorbers damaged due to incorrect installation will not be accepted for return under our warranty.

Before installing VBPBA1 shock absorbers carry out the following instructions per the manufacturer, KYB:

With the shock absorber in the vertical position, fully compress each shock absorber and then allow the unit to completely extend. You may need to assist this action by pulling slowly downward. This cycle should be repeated at least 6 times.

KYBs' explanation is as follows:

During shipment it is almost certain that the shock absorbers will not remain in the vertical position. This situation leads to unequalization of the nitrogen head pressure that, when fitted in the intended vertical or near vertical position, will self equalize.

You might ask "Couldn't I just simply install the shock absorbers and let the suspension movement take care of the problem?". The answer is an emphatic "NO"! Until the nitrogen head pressure is equalized you have no or very little dampening effect. This would be equivalent to sending the customer out of the shop with no shock absorbers installed at all.

If you ignore the KYBs recommendations, there is no guarantee how long this equalization will take. Furthermore, the ramifications of driving your MGA without properly installed shock absorbers are potentially severe.


We have discovered that the simple switching of the lower shock absorber brackets from side to side to be inadequate. This method is common when switching to telescopic shock absorbers.

The problems with this seemingly simple change from side to side are as follows:

1. The OEM lower shock absorber link mounting plate has a chamfered hole in the center of the plate, this chamfer registers with the lower "U" bolt guide plate. Unfortunately, there is no chamfer on the periphery of the hole on the underside. If you attempt to install this mounting plate on the opposite side of the vehicle, the mounting plate hole will not register, read centralize, with the "U" bolt guide plate.

2. There is a tendency for the OEM mounting plate to "splay out".

British Automotive's modified bracket solves these 2 problems as follows:

1. Incorporates a chamfered hole on both sides of the mounting bracket.

2. Designed with a double lower mounting flange, which incorporates a through bolt and spacer tube assembly.

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