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Technical Information (MGA 10)


Last Updated 07/18/01

The following MGA weight information is taken directly from the OEM MGA workshop manual part number AKD 600D.

MGA 1500: fully equipped with tools, spare wheel, oil, water and 2.5 gallons of fuel. 1,988lbs.

MGA 1600 & 1600 MK.2: fully equipped with tools, spare wheel, oil, water and 2.5 gallons of fuel. 2,016lbs.

We actually weighed a MGA 1600 back on 06/14/98 and came up with the following: 2,120lbs. Since we had more than 2.5 gallons of gas in the vehicle, along with other nick knacks in the trunk, one can assume the weight would be very close to the OEM figure.

As follows: Left Front Right Front Total Front Weight Weight Bias
536lbs 562lbs 1,098lbs. 52%
Left Rear Right Rear Total Rear Weight
512lbs 510lbs 1,022lbs 48%

I have not been able to establish a given OEM ride height for the MGA models, however, at the same time as weighing the car, we were involved in installing composite springs (100RA series actual 114#) to this particular vehicle which, involved measuring the ride heights prior to and after installation.

As measured from the center of the road wheel to the underside of front and rear fenders.

Before: Left Front Right Front
15.1/8" 15.1/2"
Left Rear Right Rear
13.1/2" 14.1/8"

After: Left Front Right Front
15.1/8" 15.9/16"
Left Rear Right Rear
13.27/32" 14.31/32"

Observing what we have outlined above we can conclude the following:

Since, our composite springs are de-arched and meant to lower the ride height by approximately 3/4" to 1", we can assume that original springs were worn out. The important point is that with the installation of new composite springs on an MGA, with this weight distribution, we will achieve approximately the same rear ride height.

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