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Technical Information (MGB 4)

Composite Leaf Springs

Last Modified - 01/28/03

Rear Telescopic Shock Absorber Choices - MGB4(8)

With the rapid response of the composite springs to road conditions, the fitting of gas charged telescopic shock absorbers should be considered.

The old OEM type lever shock absorbers just wont cut it with this type of monoleaf spring.

If you are happy with your archaic OEM steel springs & OEM shock absorbers then "God Bless You". Please, if you want to start driving a sports car, like a sports car should be driven, you should really be updating to modern day products, otherwise take out plenty of life insurance for the wife and kids.

British Automotive's specially valved KYB (non-adjustable) shock absorbers are specifically designed for the MGA and MGB models. These can be a compliment to the composite springs or simply installed with your OEM springs.

The valving is a compromise between Koni and Spax units. Since there is no bump stop incorporated in the KYB design installation is extremely important.

NOTE: More information on British Automotive's KYB gas charged telescopic shock absorbers can be found by accessing technical article MGB15.

Therefore, we leave the customer with the following choices:

British Automotive's KYB, KONI or SPAX.

KONI and SPAX have the advantage over British Automotive's KYB in the sense that they are adjustable.


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