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Composite Leaf Springs

Last Modified - 01/28/03

Vehicle Lean Problems - MGB4(3)

It is not uncommon to see LHD MGB's with a left hand "lean to" condition. I have replaced countless front and rear road springs individually and during the suspension rebuild process and what is most frustrating after replacing these items, is to see the vehicle still leaning. The first reaction is to assume that the front coil springs, or rear leaf springs, are not matched sets. Now, imagine how further frustrating it is, after changing the road springs from side to side, to see the vehicle still leaning to the left! Let me tell you that if your MGB is leaning to the left (front & rear lean condition) in all probability it will still lean to this side after front and rear road spring replacement. My belief is that the monoque body shell taking a "set" condition, which is due to many years of "driver only" driving conditions, causes this.

If after changing the road springs from side to side, and this left "lean to" condition still exists, proceed as follows:

Install 1/2" spacer block (British Automotive's 1/2" spacer blocks are stackable) to the R/H rear between the nylatron pad (always use nylatron pads instead of rubber) and the metal axle locating plate. Drive the vehicle around the block to settle the suspension and return to same location. Recheck vehicle ride height - hopefully, this would have solved the problem. If not, proceed with the following: Install a 3/16" spacer (2 max. permissible) on top of the L/H front road spring. Drive around the block again and return to the same location, recheck vehicle ride height. Now, if your vehicle still leans to the left, you could install an additional rear spacer block and/or front coil spring spacer, which should rectify the severest of "leans". Remember that you will need longer U-bolts when installing 1/2" spacer blocks.

Finally, installing new steel springs may not achieve the ride height you desire when fitted, however, remember that steel springs will sag with time, especially the rear. We prefer to instruct the customer to drive the vehicle for several months before carrying out the ride height trimming process as outlined above.

If you would prefer to raise the ride height, rather than lower it, please see MGB4(7).

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