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Technical Information (MGB 14)

Front And Rear Suspension Considerations


The following information should be read in conjunction with technical articles MGB4 MGB13 MGB15 and MGB27.

For improved road handling performance, we recommend lowering the MGB ride height to the following specifications:

MGB and MGBGT (chrome bumper -> 74.5). Front 13.5" Rear 13.5".

MGB and MGBGT (rubber bumper 74.5 ->). Front 14.5" Rear 14.5".

Measurements to be taken from the center of the road wheel to the underside of the chrome strip.

Before replacing front or rear road springs measure the existing ride height. Installing new springs may not achieve the ride height you are looking for. We find that many times MGB owners replace road springs to rectify "leaning" problems. To their amazement some owners are mystified that their MGB is still "leaning" to one side or the other. We discuss this problem in depth within technical article MGB4.

For the purists who are looking for a perfectly balanced vehicle, that is a vehicle whose all 4-corner weights are equal, in all probability you may end up with uneven ride heights.

Your MGB front and rear suspensions must be allowed to work.


The front suspension working distance is controlled by the bump stop/rebound buffer assembly. Lowering the front vehicle ride height will reduce this distance. Installing a shortened assembly can rectify premature contact with the bump stop. Your front suspension should have approximately 6" working distance. The rule of thumb is, for every 1/2" change in ride height, the bump stop clearance will increase or decrease by approximately 5/16".

If you are contemplating lowering your front suspension even further, without undertaking major modifications, be aware of the following:

Exaggerated lower a-arm angles, resulting in excessive negative camber path geometry. This will produce a "Twitchy" steering response especially during turn-in, which could lead to premature oversteer. Also, "Bump-Steer" will be a problem, especially when fitted in combination with negative camber lower control A-arms and OEM shock absorbers. Fitting revalved OEM shock absorbers will improve the situation somewhat.

Excessive loads on tires, tie-rod ends and other steering/ suspension components should be avoided at all times.


Through testing, we believe that fitting the following suspension components represents a major step in the way your MGB vehicle handles.


2 264-395 Coil Spring 550#

1" Lower chrome bumper roadsters

3/4" " " " GTs


2 264-385 Coil Spring 480#

1" Lower rubber bumper roadsters

3/4" " " " GTs


1 454-945 3/4" Sway Bar.

2 280-915 3/4" Sway Bar rubber bush

2 ASP-75-2-S " " " locators


1 264-038 Negative Camber LCA Set


8 280-485 Polyurethane LCA Bushings


1 282-325 Polyurethane Upper Bushing Set


1 264-906 Crossmember Polyurethane Pad Set


1 T045BB Ron Hopkinson Front Suspension Kit

Kit contains complete new upper mounting bracket assembly with Bilstein gas charged telescopic shock absorber. (Requires cross member modification). Available by direct purchase. Contact Ron Hopkinson MG Parts Center UK 011 44 1332 756 056.

If your budget does not allow you the opportunity to purchase the above kit, then we recommend the following substitute.

2 61-1772 Rebuilt front Shock Absorbers


2 264-345 Heavy-Duty Shock Absorber Valve

Additional components that may be required are as follows:

1-2 264-325 Spring Shim- Raises ride height approx 3/16"

NOTE: 2 Maximum per side.


1 8G621/NEG Nylatron Upper Offset Bushing (set)

Changes camber + or - 1/2 deg.



Maximum rear suspension movement is controlled by the progressive bump-stop making contact with the bump-stop pedestal pad under bump conditions and, under rebound conditions, the axle check strap. The total amount of travel is approximately 5.5" - 6" and will be the same measured distance at the road wheel due to the 1:1 motion ratio.

The amount of rear suspension movement is relative to the rear ride height. Premature contact with the bump-stop could result in "oversteer". We recommend a minimum of 2"-2.5" clearance between the bump-stop and the pedestal.


Through testing, we believe that fitting the following suspension components represents a major step in the way your MGB vehicle handles.


1 ROAD/SPRNG Composite Spring Set(less U-bolts)

100# All chrome bumpered roadsters

135# All MGBGTs and rubber bumpered


See MGB4 for more information.



OR KYB Telescopic Shock Absorber Kit

Specially valved for the MGB


See MGB13 for more information


1 PANHARD "Bolt-in" Panhard Rod Assembly

Tube axles only.

See MGB15 for more information


1 ANTI/TRAMP Anti-Tramp Bar Kit

(1974.5->MGB roadster and MGBGT)

See MGB27 for more information


For price quotations please submit your part numbers by FAX or

E-MAIL ( Prices will be quoted by return FAX only. Please be sure to include a return FAX number.

Additional front and rear suspension components can be found in the Moss Motors MGB parts catalog. For price quotations please include Moss Motors part numbers.

For further information we can be reached at 415 883 7200.