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Technical Information (MGB 4A)

Traction Control Devices

It has been brought to our attention that the use of a certain type of traction control arm device when used with British Automotive's composite springs will result in the delamination of the front section of the blade, and subsequent failure. Any traction control device that interferes with the composite blade from fully working, under all phases of suspension movement should be avoided. One such device is shown below. In addition, interference with other components, such as exhaust systems, oversize tires and sway bars should also be avoided.

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The only acceptable traction control design is shown in the following image. This particular unit is manufactured by British Automotive. However, there may be other manufacturers that produce a similar product.

MGB owners who have installed composite springs, without an appropriate traction control device, are encouraged to avoid spring "wind up". This "wind up" is more prevalent on vehicles fitted with V8, V6 or highly tuned 4 cylinder power units. Further, MGB drivers with more mundane 4 cylinder power units can also duplicate this condition through abusive driving techniques.

With this in mind, British Automotive makes a strong suggestion that MGB drivers consider fitting such a device.

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