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Technical Information (MGB 14AAA)

How to Purchase Your Front Suspension Kit

Last Updated 3/18/07

Both the Ron Hopkinson front suspension telescopic shock absorber kit and the Hawk Cars/Hoyle Engineering's coil over front suspension kits can be ordered as follows:

Ron Hopkinson has been taken over by Moss Motors UK. To that end, the front suspension telescopic shock absorber kit (Part number T045BC) should be ordered direct from Moss Motors UK @ 011-44-1332-756-056. Since prices are subject to change, your inquiry should include current pricing estimates and shipping costs.

British Automotive has reached an agreement with MGOC (UK) whereby, British Automotive customers are allowed to purchase the MGB coil-over suspension kit (Part number H003) directly from MGOC (UK) at British Automotive's trade price. It is not necessary to become a member of MGOC to take advantage of this purchase offer.

Please contact Danny BURKEY @ 011-44-1954-234-043 for pricing and shipping details.

Current price as of the above date is 625.00 UK pounds (approx. $1200.00).

However, to be able to participate in this program, British Automotive customers must purchase the upgraded hardware kit, shown in technical article MGB 14AA, direct from British Automotive.

Note: H003 is supplied with a limited hardware kit. See MGB 14AA.

This upgraded hardware kit part number COFSUHK/B has been thoroughly thought out, and is designed to supplement part number H003 with quality components.

Since the MGB crossmember must be removed for modification, it is recommended that the member mounting pads be replaced with polyurethane type Moss Motors part number 264-906. Upon reinstalling crossmember use 4 new 1/2" SAE nyloc nuts part number NLNZ81220.

Part No. Qty. Price
COFSUHK/B 1 $150.00
264-906 1 $29.65
NLNZ81220 4 $4.00

Shipping and handling on the above parts as per the current Moss Motors MGB parts catalog.

Please contact British Automotive with payment details including shipping address: Phone (415) 883-7200 or fax (415) 472-1493.

Please remember that British Automotive can supply you with your additional front suspension, brakes, steering and rear suspension component needs.