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Technical Information (MGB 27A)

Telescopic Shock Absorbers with Traction Control Arm Kit

Last Modified - 01/28/03



If you observe the above image you will notice that British Automotive's KYB lower shock absorber is no longer attached to the lower shock absorber mounting plate with a through bolt. Interference with the traction control arm bar prevents us from using this method.

The through bolt attachment method prevents possible splaying of the shock absorber mounting plate.

British Automotive has developed a supplemental strengthener kit, which will greatly reduce this tendency.

This item will be included within the complete rear suspension package kit. (See MGB4B)

Customers that have already installed the KYB shock absorber, along with the installation of the composite springs and traction control arm device can purchase this supplemental kit under Part # KYB.SUPKIT. LIST PRICE $79.95.

Please refer to the following images.




This kit contains the following:

2 Upper shock absorber mounting spacers (,250")
2 Additional upper shock absorber mounting 1/2" SAE flat washers.
2 Upper shock absorber mounting nyloc nuts (1/2" SAE)
2 Lower shock absorber mounting bolts (1/2" SAE X 3")
2 Lower shock absorber mounting bolt nyloc nuts (1/2" SAE)
2 Lower shock absorber aluminum strengthener plates (.500")
2 Lower traction control arm mounting bolts (1/2" SAE X 5.5")
2 Lower traction control arm mounting bolt nyloc nuts (1/2")

The assembled KYB right hand side shock absorber assembly can be seen in the following images.


P0002451 P0002457


P0002451 P0002457

NOTE: Further information will be posted on the website as soon as the product is ready for marketing.

When ordering part # S/ABS.MKIT for this application, be sure to indicate if you require this additional kit.