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Technical Information (MGB 1C)

Trans Cover Update

Last Modified - 10/30/02

The polypropylene transmission cover that you see in MGB1 technical article has been changed to clear fiberglass. This change makes it easier for the installer to locate, and mark, the existing securing screw-threaded holes.

Also, the nutsert kit we use to supply use to contained a small but simple tool for expanding and securing the nutserts (4) in position. Unfortunately, these simple kits are no longer available. We have searched high and low for a simple replacement, but to no avail.

The only replacement nutsert installation tool we could find, along with the necessary mandrel, was expensive.

In the past we have normally left the nutsert installation up to the customer, however, since this is no longer practical, we have carried out this installation. Please note that we have made every endeavor to make sure that the chrome finisher is properly aligned on the cover assembly.